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Zinc Pumps

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Westech Electric
Zinc Pumps

  • Prevent costly damage to furnace from
    kettle failures
  • One man operation during emergencies
  • Eliminates slow and dangerous bailing or
  • Reduces Zinc loss from skims over
  • Makes periodic inspection of kettle walls
  • Allows transfer of molten Zinc from one
    kettle to another -or safely to drums
  • Maximum capacity 4,840 lbs/minute
    (2,200 kgs/minute)

Electric Zinc Pumps

Westech Pneumatic
Zinc Pumps

  • Powerful, dependable 3hp air motor
  • Motor can be throttled to adjust flow rate
  • Self draining - Store without cleanup after
    each use
  • • Shaft lengths from 4’ to 10’
    (1.2 m to 3.05 m)
  • • Maximum capacity at 4’ lift (1.2 m) is
    6,000 lbs/minute (2,720 kgs/minute)
    with 80 psi (5.5 bar) air supply, 100 cfm
    (2.8 cubic meters per minute) free air consumption

Pneumatic Zinc Pumps

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