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White Fume Enclosures

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Westech White
Fume Enclosures

White Fume Enclosures
  • Captures more than 95% of fume
  • Heavy Duty Construction, Designed for
    the Galvanizing Environment
  • Easy Accessibility for Skimming/
    Ashing and Maintenance
  • Safety Systems For All Operator
  • Minimizes Extraction Requirements
  • Uniform Efficient Extraction
  • Pneumatically and Hoist Operated
  • Side Doors Open in Event of
    Power Loss
  • Splash-proof Fresh Air Inlets and
  • Push Button Controls for all
  • Manual Override on Side Doors
  • Durable, Built to Last
  • In-Line or Cross-Shop Systems
  • Counter-Weighted Side Doors
  • Infra-Red Safety Beams

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