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Westech Vibrahoist

  • Reduces zinc use by breaking up surface
    tension of coating and leaving excess
    Zinc in the kettle

  • Saves labor costs by reducing or
    eliminating cleanup since drips stay in the

  • Improves coating finish by promoting
    uniformity and eliminating bare spots
    between parts

  • Transmits vibrations to parts and racks,
    not the hoist

  • Isolates up to 98% of the vibration from
    the hoist

  • Reduces cook-off time

  • Helps release trapped ash or skims

  • Variable speed controls for a wide range
    of products

  • Pneumatic model available up to 5000 Ibs
    (2273 kg) capacity

  • Electric model available up to 10,000 Ibs
    (4598 kg) capacity

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