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3.2m Gas Fired, Packaged Mini-Galvanizing Line

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3.2m Gas Fired,
Packaged Mini-Galvanizing Line

Baghouse Fume Filter

  • Galvanizing Kettle: 3.2 m (10’-6”) Long x 1.0 m (3’-3”)
    Wide x 2.0 m (6’-6”) Deep
  • EnviroTherm End Fired, High Velocity Furnace with
    Relay Logic Control Panel
  • (8) CPP Freestanding Tanks with Steel Girth Supports,
    Encapsulated with CPP (No Exposed Steel)
  • (2) Sets of Over the Side Style Electric Tank Heaters
    with Digital Controls for Degrease and Pre Flux Tanks
  • (2) CPP Tank Covers for Heated Tanks
  • (6) 1.0 ton, 2 Speed Chain Hoists
  • 42.7m (140’-0”) Monorail Beam with Electrification
  • Westech Insulated Kettle Cover
  • Westech Manual Dross Scoop
  • Drawings for Client Fabrication of Exhaust
    Chimney and Flue
  • Drawing for Client Supply of Full Size Quench Tank
  • Export Documentation
Available Options:

  • Radio Control for Chain Hoists
  • Process Training for Plant Personnel
  • Technician for Commissioning of Equipment
  • Transport and Delivery to Site
  • Full Centrifuge Line, includes:
    -Portable Centrifuge
    -Tipper Quench Machine
    -CPP Pickle Boxes
    -Perforated Centrifuge Buckets
    -Electric Dryer/Pre-Heater Plate
    -1/4 ton Rotating Jib Crane
  • Fume Extraction Equipment
    -Fume Hood (Lip Extraction)
    -Pulse-Jet Bag Filter
    -Drawings for Client Supply of Duct System
  • Low Capital Investment
  • Kettle Size: 3.2 m (10’-6”) Long x 1.0 m (3’-3”) • Wide x 2.0 m (6’-6”) Deep
  • End Fired, High Velocity, Natural Gas Fired Burner (LPG or LNG available)
  • Modular Construction
  • Includes all equipment necessary for low-volume galvanizing operation
  • Produces 2.7 tons per hour, gross
  • Ships in standard 40’ shipping containers

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