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Westech Kettles

Baghouse Fume Filter

Since 1873 W. Pilling & Company has been involved in the fabrication of steel
plate structures and galvanizing kettles. Today, modern technology and a highly skilled
workforce have been combined into a world-renowned company. State-of-the-art cutting,
folding and bending machinery, and well established production techniques enable work
on high quality plates with great precision. Qualified personnel ensure that the renowned
Pilling quality is maintained at all times. Permanent controls during production guarantees
the best results in both precision and security.

  • Fast deliveries

  • Electro-slag welding

  • Chemical Analysis of all
    plate certified

  • Emergency deliveries available
  • Highest Quality

  • Ultrasonic testing

  • Available in various thicknesses

  • No corner welds

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