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Westech Furnaces

Westech Furnaces

Options Available Include:

  • Ultra Low-NOx and CO Burners
  • Leak Detection System
  • Auto Heat-up Program
  • Automatic Exhaust Damper
  • External Thermocouple
  • PLC Control

Other furnaces available:

  • Flat Flame Systems
  • High Temperature Ceramic Baths
  • Electrically Heated
  • Gas or oil fired


  • Minimal number of burners - means minimal maintenance

  • Exclusive 3 term PID control system - gives excellent temperature control.

  • Reusable - furnace life of 20+ years without major retrofit

  • Extended kettle life - 360º combustion chamber and even heating will add years to kettle life

  • Exclusive Westech “Turbo” function - increases kettle life by 20%

  • Reduced operating costs - optimal thermal efficiency and heat transfer reduces energy costs

  • Preassembled furnace - Resulting in fast, simple installation

  • Commissioning - on site personnel to oversee installation, wiring, plumbing, and start-up

  • Expandable - Modular construction allows operator to change kettle size without replacing furnace

  • Bath wall integrity maintained - by fully adjustable, retractable props which support kettle sidewalls and maintain original kettle dimensions

  • Operator comfort - Superior insulation system virtually eliminates heat loss through furnace walls

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