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Envirotherm Furnaces

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Westech Envirotherm Furnaces

Quality Galvanizing Furnaces

  • Technologically Advanced – Proven Design

  • High Velocity – End Fired Burners

  • Fuel Efficient – Gas or Oil

  • Automatic Temperature Control – Ensures Close Temperature Tolerance

  • Flame Safety Systems - Ensure Operator Safety

  • Modular “Knock Down” Construction – Allows Furnace to be Shipped in Standard 40’ Containers Anywhere in the World

  • Minimal Number of Burners – Means Minimal Maintenance

  • Expandable – Modular construction allows operator to change kettle size without replacing furnace
  • Extended Kettle Life – 360 ° Combustion Chamber and Uniform Heating Will Add Years to Your Kettle Life

  • Reduced Operating Cost – Optimal Thermal Efficiency and Heat Transfer Reduces Energy Costs

  • Bath Wall Integrity Maintained – by Fully Adjustable, Retractable Props Which Support Kettle Sidewalls and Maintain Original Kettle Dimensions

Now Available in All Electric Design

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