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Enclosed Pretreatment

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Westech Enclosed Pretreatment

Baghouse Fume Filter
  • State-of-the-Art Environmental Technology
  • Acid Resistant Construction Throughout
  • Heavy Duty Steel Exo-Structure
  • Controlled Air Flow to Maintain Negative
    Internal Pressure
  • System Designed to Work with a Wet
  • Hoist Cables Allowed to Pass Through
    Gasket in Roof of Enclosure
  • Internal Lighting per Safety Standards
  • Extends Building Life by Reducing
    Corrosion from Pickling Fume
  • Workers Control Pickling Line from
    Outside Enclosure
  • Reduces Health Hazard for all workers in
    galvanizing plant
  • Transfer trolley, Conveyor, or Dryer brings
    loaded jigs into and out of enclosure
  • Automatic Door Controls

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