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Baghouse Fume Filter

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Westech Baghouse Fume Filter

Guaranteed to meet or exceed all European standards

Baghouse Fume Filter
  • Specifically designed for the
    demanding galvanizing operation
  • Experienced international
    manufacturer of fume particulate
    collection systems
  • Heavy duty
  • Modular design
  • Pulse jet self cleaning
  • Hopper base for particulate
    collection and discharge
  • Easy access for bag inspection and
    “tool-free” bag removal
  • Automatic precoat system
  • Epoxy painted internal and
    external surfaces, with enamel top
    coat externally
  • Skid frame mounted fan and
  • Heavy duty housing construction
  • Epoxy coated steel venturis
  • Differential pressure indication

Options available:

  • Broken bag detection system
  • Trace heating
  • Insulation
  • Compressor system
  • Fan silencer

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