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Westech Automatic Flux Treatment System

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Westech Automatic Flux
Treatment System

Preflux Treatment

  • 1.15 m3 (40 ft3) filter capacity
  • Removes iron
  • Adjusts PH
  • Reduces Dross Production
  • Low operating cost
  • Includes Polypro filter with 40 bags
  • One-piece construction
  • Fully automatic
  • Automatic ph control
  • Automatic injection of oxidizing
  • agent
  • Iron maintained below 2 gr/Liter
  • ZnClĀ³ is not removed by filtration
  • Consistent flux bath quality
  • Maintains pH level
  • Sharply reduces iron in flux
  • Reduces coating defects and rework
  • Properly maintained flux bath can
  • reduce immersion time, lowering
    zinc pick up and dross formation
Acid Fume Scrubbers 2


  • Polypropylene Reactor
  • Filter with bags (x40)
  • Control Panel
  • Dosing Solenoids (x2)
  • Supply (Feed) Pump
  • Return Pump
  • Circulation Pump
  • pH meter with digital read-out
  • Redox meter with digital read-out
  • All internal pipework and electronics
  • Includes all switches, alarms, and
    over level shut off switch.

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