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Acid Fume Scrubbers

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Westech Acid Fume

Acid Fume Scrubbers 1


  • Vertical Counter-Flow
  • Clear, Quick Access Inspection Windows
  • Bolt-on Pack Fill
  • Removable Packing and Mist Eliminator
  • Easy Access Bolt-on Clean-out Doors
  • Fresh Water Make-up Flow Meter
  • In-line Y-strainer
  • CPVC Pump with Motor
  • Diaphragm Valve
  • Removable Spray Headers
  • Overflow and Drain
  • Quality-built, Rugged Design for the
    Galvanizing Environment
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials and
  • Utilizes Wetted, Packed-bed
  • Removes Water Soluble Contaminants,
    Soluble Gas, and Particulate Matter
  • Contaminants are removed by
    Impingement* and Gas Absorption*

Particulate matter is forced through a
wetted packed bed, then through a
chevron blade or mesh pad filter

*Gas Absorption:
Gasses are absorbed into the liquid

Acid Fume Scrubbers 2

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